We also offer MSME to prospective customers who are engaged in a business which are categorised as MSME. These loans are offered to increase the working capital or for business expansion. This loan is given on the basis of the Annual Turnover and profit margin of an MSME. The basic requirements for availing this type from our company are

  • The proprietor or all the partners of the MSME should be applicants.
  • Last three-year audited balance sheet and income tax assessment is required.
  • Current account statement of the last six months.
  • GST, EPF, and ESI Certificates.
  • Udyog AADHAR if available is preferred.

Interest Rate

Our loan in this category attracts an interest rate of 24% (Equal to or above 4 Lakhs) and 26% (Below 4 Lakhs)per annum calculated on the basis of monthly diminishing rate. Interest thus calculated and a portion of principle are payable as equated monthly installments. The maximum loan tenure offered by us is 84 months and the maximum loan amount under this category is 7 Lakhs.


Loan Against property2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Secured MSME2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Secured Agri and Allied2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Housing Loan2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred

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