Business Intent

The company is started with an intent to offer financial assistance to prospective customers falling in micro and small income sector. As of now people in these sectors, generally approach unorganized lenders to fulfill their financial needs. This not only increases their financial burden but also trap them in a vicious credit cycle from which they may not able to come out. Such unethical practices deprive them from progressing and also force them to spend their life in financial misery. This in turn affects many indicators of national growth like literacy, health, child mortality, etc.

We have started this company with an intention to service people of this sector by offering them financial assistance at a reasonable interest rate in a highly transparent manner. We believe, by this small contribution, we will enable them to be part of the inclusive growth of our nation. We have pledged to achieve this aim by following well laid ethical business practices.

About Directors


• Mr. A Manimurugan, one of our founder directors has been in the field of mortgage lending since the beginning of his career as a Branch Manager in DHFL, Madurai. He rose in his career ladder from the Branch Manager level to National Credit Head in Deutsche Post Bank gathering experience in every possible sphere of this field for 27 long years.
• He is a Civil Engineer by profession and his academic knowledge gives him the ability to assess the value and credibility of a property just by perusing skills.
• His intuitive skill in assessing the credit worthiness of a prospective customer has been the main reason behind his growth.
• With all these positive factors at his back, he has promoted this company with a noble aim to serve the people in need.

Naresh Girdhar

• Mr. Naresh Girdhar also is our founder-director, has a rich experience of more than 27 years in the field of secured mortgage lending. In his career span he has worked in many leading brands of this sector including LIC, ABN-Amro, DHFL, BHW Birla, and Deuthsche Post Bank.
• While working in all these companies he has gained 360 Deg experience by working in many departments rising through all the levels. His main stake in this industry has been operations and recovery which are two main verticals deciding the health of a finance company.
• He is a lawyer by profession and his ability in skimming the documents for the minutest detail is helping this company building the asset with the highest quality.

Mani Rajaram

• Mr. Mani Rajaram who also is our founder-director, is an Air Veteran. He retired from Air Force as a Wing Commander after serving 27 years before joining the board.
• He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession, though he does not have a finance background, he is capable of contributing to the growth of the company through his rich work ethos, moral and disciplined man-management.
• He also boasts excellent IT Skills which plays a vital role in progressing the company. He presently is looking after all the allied activities of the company.