Loan Against Property

We offer business and personal loan by mortgaging property which is in the name of applicant / Co-Applicant based on the income of Applicant and Co-Applicant. The basic requirements for availing this type from our company are

  • Applicant / Co-Applicant should have clear title of the property.
  • Property should have no encumbrance
  • Property should have clear access
  • Property deed should have a clear flow from the mother deed
  • Patta if available is preferred
  • Other property proofs like Property Tax Bill, Electricity Bill are required
  • Applicant / Co-Applicant should have income with proof in commensuration with the loan requirement.

Interest Rate

Our loan in this category attracts an interest rate of 24% (Equal to or above 4 Lakhs) and 26% (Below 4 Lakhs) per annum calculated on the basis of monthly diminishing rate. Interest thus calculated and a portion of principle are payable as equated monthly installments. The maximum loan tenure offered by us is 84 months and the maximum loan amount under this category is 7 Lakhs.


Loan Against property2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Secured MSME2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Secured Agri and Allied2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred
Housing Loan2.00 – 7.00 3 – 7 Years21 – 26 %Preferred

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